Three Words to Change Your World  is designed to address the tension that is a part of all of our lives, whether it occurs in the home, at work, or in the world.  These conflicts occur within families, with co-workers, or in the social, political, and religious organizations that inevitably soak up our leisure time.

The Programs: 

A Public Workshop

We are always angry at someone about something. 

We are either upset with a family member, an acquaintance, or someone at work.  That anger stretches to those social, religious and political issues that have, for one reason or another, captured our attention.  It even reaches into the realm of the geopolitical when our gaze is focused on key world figures or events that parade across our nightly news programs.   

A good deal of time, our anger does not amount to much;  it is just a way of venting the frustration of the moment.    This workshop is not about that kind of anger.    Rather, it addresses the kind of volatile situation that few of us handle well.  When tension with another becomes so thick that you can cut it with a knife, you have reached the point where constructive resolution becomes most unlikely.  This is the moment when anger hits its peak, but just before, hopefully, we explode into a tirade that serves no one well.

Consequently, we often, to our credit, avoid saying or doing anything at all.  We instinctively know we have reached the breaking point.  While it is wise to back off at this moment, this occasionally only serves to intensify the anger rather than relieve it. 

This kind of anger when improperly expressed can destroy relationships, derail a career, or create acrimonious social upheaval.  On the world stage, such anger can even take us to war.

It is this critical moment, which can be aroused by a comment, a glance, or an outright attack on us, that is the subject of the Three Words … workshop.

Three Words … Public Workshop