Captured on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is that moment of creation which can suggest one simple reality:  we all flow from the same source. 


While our behavior often indicate separateness, our origins perhaps suggest oneness.  That is the purpose of this process:  to find unity in a sea of perceived difference.

The Challenge:

Restoring dialogue to a relationship in jeopardy

It may surprise that the key to a good relationship lies not outside of us.  It is not dependent on somebody else’s behavior, but rather is totally within the realm of our own control.

Our first reaction to such an idea is that it is totally nonsensical, that it is impossible to control another person’s behavior or reaction to us, and that external events dictate what we feel and think. 

And I would agree … sort of.

What we do control is our reaction to another.  We control how we think about what has happened and that often determines the actions we take.  That simple realization can make all the difference. 

By inhibiting and then exiting from our normal reaction patterns we can truly produce miracles.  This is a journey that heads in that direction.