The Programs: 

A Workshop for Organizations

It is said that a business’s greatest resource is its people.  Ideally, they extend the knowledge, quality and reach of the organization by virtue of their constant involvement in designing,  selling, and servicing its products.  No executive team can succeed without their insights, enthusiasm and commitment. 

Too often, when their perspective is most needed, their voices go silent.  As a rule this is because an issue has simply become too hot to handle.  Often these matters are mission critical, affecting the very lifeblood and therefore the  survival of the organization. 

The automatic response to threatening conditions is to bunker down and say nothing, or worse yet to spread this fear and doubt to others.  We do this because we do not know how to do otherwise.  We believe there is safety in our silence.  Clearly, the explosion of the Challenger Shuttle suggests otherwise.

Developing the skill to raise mission critical issues constructively and in a non-threatening manner is no trivial task. 

For that reason, this workshop defines a process to ensure that what matters most gets addressed by the right people. 

Three Words … Business

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

The Rogers Commission found that the organizational culture of NASA played a significant role in creating the conditions that resulted in the failure of this mission.


No less dramatic results can be found in almost every organization.