Six Blind Men


The three words begin to crack the barrier that limits our ability to see people, situations and events accurately.  They force us to open up to the possibility that someone else just may see things differently.  As the six blind men pictured above and John Godfrey Saxe’s poem illustrate, we draw erroneous conclusions from what we think we see and understand, especially during moments of intense conflict.

About Us

A Dream Deferred


Twenty Years Ago a dream took root in my mind  As so often happens, it was a response to one of those major life events that most of us would rather not experience.


The dream emerged from a meeting with a fire breathing dragon—a sales vice president, to be specific.  Many of us have had bosses whose approach bore more of a resemblance to Attila the Hun than to Gandhi. This SVP had that kind of reputation.


This meeting was not pleasant;  unfortunately for me I was the unpleasant one.  This was definitely not one of my  better moments.  Ranting and raving at one’s boss over perceived managerial abuses is rarely greeted with glad tidings.


I was soon removed from my position and placed in professional limbo.  I was surprised, however, that when the dust settled I was offered a new, comparable position. My chutzpah was nevertheless alive and well so I requested a second meeting with this SVP.  I wanted to make sure that this would be a match that could work.  I prepared well for that meeting, and it was at this meeting that a process for handling volatile, yet mission-critical, conflict was born. We talked about all of the concerns that I had and were able to reach across our different vantage points and achieve a greater understanding of each other.


The outcome—a dream job that included travel to the Far East, India, and Australia—could not have been more rewarding.  It also laid the foundation for the process that informs this website.  Twenty years of thought, practice and informal testing have brought me to this point.   It has been a rich and exciting journey.  I hope you will find it equally so.