Three Words to Change Your World

Critical Path Enterprises


Creating dialogue in volatile situations


Life, at times, can be a living hell.


Our stress is typically rooted in one or more of life's arenas:† home, work, or our preferred social circle.


When tension arises, most of us take a tried and true path:† we don't discuss it with the offending party.† Typically, that means differences in political perspectives and religious beliefs are rarely argued socially; extremely sensitive and volatile personal issues often get buried deep in our psyche; problems with the boss or a colleague at work go underground.††† As a consequence, we carry this unresolved anxiety around with us and never deal with it directly.†


We don't know how to address it constructively.† All too frequently, we leave the marriage, the job, or the social organization without ever explaining why.† Or, our frustration leads to an explosion, leaving the relationship damaged beyond repair.


Maybe there is a better way.


That is what this program, Three Words to Change Your World, is about.


It offers a way to handle those conflicts that all too often destroy families, careers, and even lives.†


It is time to bring some level of sanity to those aspects of our world that might be in desperate need of attention.